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Spare parts for MTZ tractors (Belarus)

Ites Ltd. is a Belarussian wholesaler of spare parts for MTZ tractors (all models) T-150 DT-75 and other tractors and agricultural machines and equipment manufactured in Belarus Russia and Ukraine. We complete spare parts which the plant MTW are not made. This spare part Belarusian Russian and Ukrainian producers.
We provide top quality spare parts at reasonable prices and deliver to any place in the world from Minsk. Send us your Inquiry for spare parts and get our Business Offer!
You can rely on our 23-years experience in the market for spare parts!

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Export Manager Tatiana Dubovik.
Office 303 Skoriny str. 14 220114 Minsk Republic of Belarus

>> Spare parts for MTZ tractors (Belarus)

قیمت:  10افغانی
ولایت:   کابل
تلیفون:   +375293951241
آدرس صاحب اعلان:   Office 303 Skoriny str. 14 22011
نوعیت:   فروشی
مالکیت اعلان:   شرکتی
کیلومتر:   کمتر از 1,000 کیلومتر
رنگ:   قرمز
سوخت:   گازویل
گیربکس:   دنده ای
سال تولید:   1990
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